Caithness Glass - Reflections 1 - 1985

Reflections 1 - 1985 - Page 8

Annual Review

Favourites of ?85

Every year the serious collector, the casual collector and the gift-giver determine a ranking of favourite designs. We illustrate 1985?s best sellers.

Paperweights © 1985 Caithness Glass
LEFT: Cauldron Sable (Unlimited): A new colour for an old favourite.
RIGHT: Water Lilies (Ed. 250): A new facetting style - an instant success.

©1985 Caithness Glass
Moon Crystals (Unlimited): Lunar magic-enchanting thousands ...

©1985 Caithness Glass

Lilac Time Set (Ed. 150):
A chic design by Jeneo Lewis - one of our senior paperweight makers.

©1985 Caithness Glass

Serenity (Ed. 500):
Visually therapeutic explosive sales...

Chiffon (Ed. 750):
We nearly called it ?Brocade?!

©1985 Caithness Glass
Primroses (Ed. 250): A Satin finish - window facet - a new approach.
©1985 Caithness Glass
Honey Bee (Ed. 100): A showpiece for both the lampworker and facetter.