Caithness Glass - Reflections 1 - 1985

Reflections 1 - 1985 - Page 10 & 11

Classics ?69 - ?85 a personal choice

Many people have been involved in the development of our paperweight business since 1969. We asked some of them to choose their all-time favourite - however they all had great difficulty selecting just one! Perhaps you would like to decide which paperweight is your favourite.

Blue Floral Fountain © 1985 Caithness Glass Blue Floral Fountain, 1980
A flower in full bloom frozen for eternity within a crystal dome-Blue Floral Fountain was one of the first paperweights in my collection.

Rona Murray, Collectors Club Secretary

Pagoda  © 1985 Caithness Glass Pagoda, 1984
For me, Pagoda captures the mystical charm of the Middle East.

Matt Young, Technical Director

 © 1985 Caithness Glass Labyrinth, 1985
This paperweight reminds me of a fascinating visit to Knossos on Crete. I might there have walked where Theseus and Ariadne inspired the legend of the Labyrinth.

John Calder, Paperweight Production Director

Mystique © 1985 Caithness Glass Mystique, 1979
This paperweight embodies the delicacies and intriguing subtleties of this beautiful art form.

Alisdair Fleming, Director/Secretary

Elegance © 1985 Caithness Glass Elegance, 1981
The aptly named Elegance is one of my favourites, employing a technique of colour overlapping to produce the attractive combination of an abstract design with a traditional subject.

Alistair Mair, Managing Director

Honesty © 1985 Caithness Glass Honesty, 1983
A respect for the simplicity and elegance of good design married so successfully to the skills of the glassmaker makes Honesty a favourite with the studio.

Davis Design Studios

Black & Gold © 1985 Caithness Glass Black & Gold Perfume Bottle and Paperweight Set, 1980
I was inspired to design this set when oil was first being extracted from the North Sea, hence 'Black' represents the oil, and 'Gold' the revenue.

James MacBeath, Production Manager, Glassware

Intruder © 1985 Caithness Glass Intruder, 1977
One of my favourite paperweights, Intruder calls to mind a salesman's life; often lonely but with a bright glittering appeal, typified by the base of the weight.

Peter Ford, Sales Director

Octet © 1985 Caithness Glass


Octet, 1979
I see a touch of the traditional in this contemporary paperweight which, with the stark contrast of colours, makes it my favourite.

Denis Crowe, Manager, Oban Glass.

Aquarelle © 1985 Caithness Glass Aquarelle, 1985
I like Aquarelle because of its modern sophisticated look and the 'softness' created by the unusual surface finish.

Stanley McNab, Production Manager, Perth