Mixed Batch - July 1958 page 57-63

Mixed Batch – 57 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958


Mr. E. Coupland has joined the Home Consumer Sales Division as representative in the West Riding. Mr. Coupland is a married man with one daughter, and was born and bred in Yorkshire. His three years in the Royal Army Medical Corps were spent for the most part on board troop ships ferrying between Singapore and Bombay. Like all Yorkshiremen, he is a keen cricketer and is also interested in amateur operatics.

Mr. L. Toomer has joined the Home Consumer Sales Division as representative in the London area. He was born in Finchley and educated at Highfield School in North London. In addition to time in the Royal Air Force as an air gunner in the Bomber Command, Mr. Toomer has had experience as an insurance broker at Lloyds. He is interested in cricket, football and sailing but finds little time to take a very active part these days.

Mr. H. Felix is another new representative in the Home Consumer Sales Division and will be working in the counties of Sussex and Surrey. Born in London and educated in Sussex, Mr. Felix has previously been on the road

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selling various products in south east England. He is one of those rare birds who have served in all three of the services. Married with one daughter and an addition due any time. His hobbies are flying diesel powered model aircraft and taking engines to pieces.

Mr. J. C. MacGregor has joined the Home Industrial Sales Division and will be our representative in Scotland. He was born in Edinburgh and educated at George Watson Boys’ College. He has had previous experience as a representative in the packing industry and served his National Service in the Royal Artillery. A married man who previously played rugby; his sports are now horse riding, swimming, tennis and golf. He also claims to be interested in everything from politics downwards. Possibly he means upwards — his other hobbies are reading, the theatre and photography.

Mr. Roy B. Cooper has joined the Home Industrial Sales Division and will be representing the Company in Lancashire and the north Midlands. During the war, Mr. Cooper was telegraphist based on Tristan de Cuna, where he learned to collect and cook penguin eggs. Since then, he has been a representative for

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the Scientific Glass Blowing Company and the General Laboratories Supply Company. He and his wife are both keenly interested in archery, and Mr. Cooper is also a steward at Old Trafford.

Mr. Dennis Avery Troughton was born and educated in Middlesbrough, and was for many years a metallurgical chemist with Dorman Long. Later he has been a technical sales representative with various companies, and he is now with Joblings as a representative for the Home Industrial Sales Division. His new position however, brings a big change for Mr. Troughton for the area he will be covering will be south west England and south Wales. A married man, his hobbies used to be cycling and walking, and he has kept up with the latter. An avid reader and a keen gardener, he leaves a good garden with regret, but looks forward to achieving even better results in a more sunny climate.

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Mixed Batch – 58 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958
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Mr. N. E. Hodgson, Executive Director responsible for Finance and General Administration with senior personnel from his division


(Executive Director)

Finance Department

Secretarial Department

Personnel Department

Cost Accounting
(Cost Accountant)

Secretarial and Administrative
(Assistant Secretary)

Personnel — Men

Financial Accounting





Training (Officer)

Clerical Organisation and Methods
(Clerical 0. & M. Officer)

Welfare (Officer)

(Chief Wages Clerk)



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Mixed Batch – 59 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958


In the recent removal of offices a number of old Balance Sheets were found.

The oldest dated 31st December, 1886 enables an interesting comparison to be made with today.












Raw materials and moulds, power, light, water, maintenance and other services of buildings and machines.

£  s.  d. 

10  8 


£  s.  d. 

8  5 


Wages and Salaries, National Insurance and Pension Funds

9  0 


8  4 




Income Tax and Profits Tax

1  6 


Dividend to Shareholders


Retained in Business for future Development




1  0  0 


1  0  0 


(1) The number of employees in 1957 was 40 times greater than in 1886.

(2) The assets of the business have grown from £650 per employee in 1886 to £1,310 in 1957.

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Mixed Batch – 60 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958
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ARTHUR WINTER 10 years service, after 30 years in the D.L.I. Finished as Regimental Sergeant Major on the instruction side. Main Hobby: hiking round the county of Durham MR. W. POOLE 11 years service and supervisor in the Bonus department. Sunday school teacher. Likes music, singing and reading. Favourite author is Charles Dickens. BILLY MONEY 17 years service in Wages, of course. Member of various clubs and spends spare time on a scooter. Hibernates to Roker Park in the winter.

The functions of the Finance and Administration Division are illustrated on previous page i.e. to safeguard and conserve the assets of the Company and thus provide the means for continued expansion for the benefit of employees and shareholders.

N. E. HODGSON, Executive Director for Finance and General Administration



A start has been made on the alterations and redecorating of the department, and perhaps in the near future we will look a little less like the ‘poor relations’ of the people in the Luxury Hotel down the road!

Steady progress is being made with the conversion to Powers Samas, and the results have been most satisfactory. L.G.D.


The Personnel Department is now established in the new location, and we sincerely hope that our stay will be permanent.

We welcome to the Department Miss Jean Dakin and Miss Pauline Fanning. We feel that it will not be long before they settle down and become part of the team.

We regret that a number of stocking purchasers were rather disappointed on finding that the stories of the glamorous models in the Personnel Department were mythical. We will, nevertheless, do our utmost to satisfy our customers.

It is pleasing to note that one of the possible models is being mentioned in “despatches” in the Who’s Who at Joblings, and we are sure that it is an extremely good choice.

Our Training Officer returned from his course at Northampton feeling full of beans, and is endeavouring to enthuse everyone with T.W.I.

Regarding holidays, we understand that some of our members are travelling as far afield as Majorca; maybe the person concerned is expecting to see a little of the sun since we are aware that the latest in bathing costumes and beach shorts have been acquired. Others, no doubt, will be enjoying themselves to the full, lazing in the rain at some local seaside resort. W.H.


After 10 hardworked years in a temporary abode above a certain ‘B.R.’ track, we are now removed to a pleasant sunny office overlooking THE shrubbery.

Welcome to yet another Liverpudlian Mr. R. A. Cuff who succeeds Mr. G. H. L. Lord as O. & M. Officer. Mr. Cuff is easily recognised by rapidly greying hair, which he swears has grown since joining the company.

We too welcome back Norma Galloway to the ‘hand punch’ after her stay in hospital. Never has she looked so well, having lost her appendix and gained a longed for slender figure.

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Mixed Batch – 61 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958
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JEAN ROSTON in her third year in Accounts department. Hobbies: dancing, swimming, including jiving and rock and roll. Likes steak and onions and Trevor Howard. MISS ANN TAIT in her first year with the Power Samas. Previously a cookery demonstrator. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t like rock and roll. Likes musical films and “Tonight” on television. Miss ELIZABETH DUNTHORNE 6 years service, now in the Power Samas. Hobbies: P.T., swimming and watching T.V. likes Cliff Michelmore.

Congratulations are offered to Miss Ann Ord who became Mrs. J. S. Thompson; and to Miss Elizabeth Dunthorne on her engagement to Derek Gardiner (S.A. Dept.) and her 21st birthday.

Best wishes and congratulations to Mrs. J. Walton (I. Potts) on the birth of a daughter.

Miss Kathleen Dover became J.A.J.’s Glass Queen this year. The second to be chosen in this department. Congratulations Kathleen!

Since the last issue of the magazine, among many additional jobs we have undertaken, is the largest section of the ‘Payroll’ (in more ways than one), this machine was incorrectly referred to in a local paper as a ‘computer’, it is in fact a VERY (Cross Adding Punch), with operator to match!

It is hard to realise that summer holidays are not far away, while certain members of the staff dream of happy days at Butlins and other riotous resorts, the remaining few, hope for Sunnidaze-by-the-Fire!

So with thoughts of drenched sands, we bid you Fair Weather and Happy Holidays.


“Come ‘ere, Brains Trust! Come and stand alongside me so I can thump yer when yer does something; wrong!”

The foregoing was overheard while a Naval Gunner’s Mate was instructing a crew of boys in gun drill and, at the time, it struck the author as rather funny. However, on more mature reflection, it did seem that there might be a better way of imparting knowledge than by “thumping” it home.

Very shortly, Training Within Industry programmes will be run at Jobling’s, and it is felt that a little foreknowledge of this movement — as movement it is — in Industry might help to remove prejudices and arouse interest.

Training Within Industry for Supervisors (T.W.I.) originated in the United States during World War II, and, such was the success, that the Ministry of Labour in this country began to think that there might be something in it. A representative, therefore, was sent over, spent nearly two years studying every angle and returned a complete convert. His enthusiasm impressed the Ministry to such an extent that, in 1944, it was decided to introduce it into Home Industry as a free service. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength. Already many firms in this country have adopted the principles with very satisfactory results, and the Trainer’s Manuals have been translated into more than 50 different languages and more than 120 dialects. It might also be of interest to note that the scheme has the official blessing and support of the Trade Unions.

What exactly does T.W.I. set out to do? Very briefly it aims to instruct in methods whereby improvement can be made in human relationships, skill in imparting knowledge, existing working methods and the lessening of accidents. All of which, it is confidently anticipated will add up to increased production.

Finally it should be pointed out that unless the scheme has the support of all those involved from the top downwards, then the whole thing will be a complete waste of time and money. So rally round and ‘ave a go!

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Mixed Batch – 62 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958
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JEAN GREGSON 6 years with the Company. Now in Personnel. Likes car riding, dancing reading, embroidery, cookery and Billy Bingham. WILLIAM NOBLE another in his first year in costs department. 3œ years banking experience in Australia. Studying here for examinations at present. MARGARET FAIRBAIRN in her first year in Costs department. Likes tennis, swimming and I.T.V. “Tell the Truth” and “Emergency Ward 10”.


Since the last issue of Mixed Batch a few changes have been made in the Bonus department. Miss Jean Hornby takes great pleasure in constantly reminding everyone of her title — Mrs. Kirkcaldy — which she achieved on Easter Monday. Good luck to you both!

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Into the new office at long last
We thought dust and grime was a thing of the past
Little we knew of the shock that await
It seems dust and grime is our terrible fate

A new office is something we’ve never had
And now that we’ve got it we’re all very sad
We labour all day, our brains are amok
Our ‘new office’ is like ‘The Jailhouse Rock’.

Joiners we know must do their work,
But the noise is sending us berserk.
Pulling down walls and building new floors
We wish we were married and doing the chores 


We’re sorry to have to admit this,
No thoughts will enter our heads,
Tho’ we’re trying very hard to compose this,
Just after we’ve left our beds.
It’s 8.30 a.m. in the morning,
And you must admit it’s a bit rough,
But at this point we would like to welcome
Our dashing, new boss, Mr. Cuff.
The cottage we work in is very small,
Three rooms and a sink, that is all.
The view from the window —
What a sight!
Chimneys and smoke
And a little daylight.
The wall paper we see is quite pleasant,
Squares go up in a mountainous crescent.
They say it should match,
But like our part in “Mixed Batch”,
It’s all gone to H— at present.
So it’s goodbye and Amen
Till we meet once again —
We’ve tried very hard
And it’s all our own thinking.
Cheerio, Au Revoir, from the girls in the Printing


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Mixed Batch – 63 – James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. July 1958


A Happy Band, a privileged few,
We’re always Bright and Jolly,
We love our work, and never Shirk
We in “Department-Lolly”

The ‘Chancellor’ we work for,
to you he’s known as ‘Fox’
He keeps the ‘Till’ for Tillings
and guards the ‘Lucre’ Box.

We do our best to please you
Don’t talk behind our backs,
Its not our fault you should know,
When we dock-off Income Tax.

A hundred years of pay-rolls,
is an awful lot of ‘Dough’
Our fervent wish that Wear Glass Works,
Will another hundred go. 


The members of the Accounts Department are never more happy than when a letter basket overflowing with cheques appears each morning and although they are kept very busy they still have time to find romance.

We are pleased to report that Miss Joan Smith was married on the 22nd March at St. Marks Church. She made a radiant bride in spite of the very cold day and after spending the happiest week in her life at Edinburgh, returned to the office and now insists that she is addressed as Mrs. Anderson. Miss Margaret Tough, after working six years in the department, left on the 3rd March to be married and said she would have a full time job in her new bungalow. We wish them both every happiness. We would also like to offer our very best wishes to Miss Giblin on her engagement.

We are happy to welcome Mrs. Beadnell as a new member of our staff; also Miss Betty Burrell. We hope they will both be happy in their new surroundings and enjoy working with their colleagues.


Conscription time again, so here goes with another contribution:

Welcome to: Miss M. Lowery and Miss M. Fairbairn, also Messrs. Rawson, Welch, Noble and Kirk. We hope they will be happy working with us.

Congratulations to: Miss M. Oliver on being promoted to Senior Comptometer Operator: Mr. P. Nettleton and Mr. D. Patrickson on passing Parts 1 and 2, and Part 1 of the I.C.W.A. Intermediate, respectively — we wish them and others who failed, success in the future: the entire staff for showing supreme Temper Control despite no Temperature Control in our new office.

Sport (Outdoor). The department was well represented on the Staff Football Team by Messrs. Patrickson, Kenny, Gartland and Woods — I believe it was the Engineers’ turn to win though We are also well represented by comedians on motor-cycles, one of whom tumbled at the feet of a policeman on point-duty: he did not pass his test.

Sport (Indoor) Censored.

In conclusion, in this centenary year of our history, we wish the Company and all employees continued prosperity for the future.

Pro Rata

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On the 4th April we said ‘goodbye’ to Mrs. Gill who retired after nine years in the carton room. Mrs. Gill said they had been a very happy nine years and although she was looking forward to her retirement she would miss the good friends she had made at Joblings. Mr. Boyers presented Mrs. Gill with a table on behalf of her fellow workers.

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