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Terms and Conditions

  • All material offered on this site is under copyright or in a copyrighted form if based on out of copyright material. 
  • Registered users are allowed to use the material providing the copyright information included with the material is reproduced. Where there is no clear copyright details then you should first discuss the requirements with the site proprietors. Failing this and under any other circumstances use the following copyright statement: ©2007 The & Frank Andrews. Changing the year as appropriate. n.b. Material included in member projects is excluded - in all cases discuss use with project members.
  • Property owned by a third party may require additional fees to be paid dependant on the intended use. In all such cases this will be indicated with the material.
  • Where you contribute verifiable data that enhances any of the content on this site you will be given benefit based on the agreed value of that material - how this will organised shall be discussed and expanded on in the near future.
  • The spirit of this site is to enable a broad and cheap sharing of original or rare research material. It is intended to be an aid; in general fees are there to support the work that makes the site possible there being no profit making intentions. You are asked to respect this spirit or you might be asked to take an absence from access to the site and its privileges.
  • All of the material represented on this site is the personal property of the owner indicated for that item. Copyrights do not necessarily rest in owner of the material used. Every effort is made to establish who owns any existing copyright and to obtain their consent or terms for other uses.
  • When quoting bibliographic references you are requested to include this site in your list of references as a courtesy.
  • You are welcome to provide material for this site and have particular terms and conditions applying to your material. We ask our users to respect such terms and conditions, we will endeavour to discourage onerous terms. 
  • Privacy, there is no intention to make any of your personal information public or to sell it to any third party. Third parties manage payment data and this sites proprietor has no access to your financial data. Any private correspondence will be kept private.
Linking to other sites offering comparable research material ? others may develop similar sites offering their own material ? we would be happy to discuss a scheme where memberships can share access across such sites. Perhaps running under a single portal but with separate memberships to create a co-operative library?
Languages ? English is the primary language of the administration, please let us know if we have translation errors in any of the sites navigation information. We will add your language on request if it is available. (About 80 available)