May 2013

This site has being migrated and upgraded now so expect some chaos for a while. NOW FREE

One major problem is links to other articles are not working. I have found several and fixed them, but please advise me, via forum or email, if you find others. Thank you.

Bibliography of Glass has now been relocated and in a form that everyone can add to and update entries as well as create and download personal bibliographies for your own projects. Now here : glass-study.org/biblio/ .

The Glass-Study might have appeared to have ground to a halt... and to a certain extent it has but this is just the impact of switching countries and finding time.

I have a major project in hand: Formatting, for this site, a complete and detailed index of Czech Glass Review which has been compiled by Deborah Truitt. It is going to be some time before this appears completely as there is a LOT of data but I will shortly start adding the first years after carefully proofreading the formatted pages.

Only when that project is complete can I recommence digitising the library. However, I will be adding more catalogues to the Glass Catalogue site this year.

After many years of planning and consideration, I have now established a not for profit company in France "The Glass Study Association" and am currently building its web-site . The sole purpose is to preserve glass web-sites. The start up will be slow as apart from money, it requires a group of people to take an active role in order to achieve the aim of permanence! I am starting to ask web-site owners to give a non-binding pledge of their website to show that there is an interest in preservation. Also to give their input on how to organise the Association effectively. Conversion to full charity status is intended but as this is a costlier route, I chose the NPO route as a means of getting the ball rolling. I will not have any income from the Association and the administration will be as open as possible.

For my personal income I am preparing individual downloads of the catalogues currently in the Glass Catalogue site, these will offer little value to Glass-Study.com members but if you want a copy I will provide it at a 90% discount to glass-study.com subscribers. These downloaded versions have none of the rights given to Glass-Study members.